Ngo Hoai Duc 1

Introduction about the KOSHI Company

The foundation has been formed and selective combination of culture, knowledge and techniques from 2 nations Vietnam and Japan, KOSHI is a professional, ethical, always make efforts to create more high-value service to customers and society.

Formerly known as Kien Duc Construction Company, followed by beniHOME Co., Ltd., with more than 11 years of establishment and development, KOSHI has gradually asserted itself in the professional world, creating complete trust from customers. row. KOSHI has been achieving certain achievements in the field of Project Management and Construction Supervision Consulting, and in the future KOSHI will develop into a leading company in Vietnam.


Creating an ecosystem of Project Management – Contractor – Supplier to grow together and bring the highest benefit to society.


Strategic partnership is a cooperation to help each other enterprises more and more high economic efficiency .


Creating honest, professional and conscientious project managers combines Contractors and Suppliers to make more development from expertise and service to get elevated ourselves and bring benefits to society.


Human resources is the most important factor to make decisions of the company developed long-term sustainability.


  1. Self-control  2. Integrity 3. People 4. Commitment 5. System 6. Attitude


Through all Seminar activities to enhance knowledge and contribute to increasing the coherence of personnel.